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Pace of Play Guidelines


1. Arrive at least thirty minutes before your scheduled tee time to allow time to check in at the pro shop, hit a few warm-up balls and get your scorecard ready with the play of the day information.

2. While waiting for the group in front of you to clear, take the time to plan your next shot and take your practice swing.  When the group in front of you is safely out of range, be ready to hit your shot.

3. Watch where the playing partner’s shots may have gone out of bounds or into a hazard and mentally mark the position with a physical marker such as a tree, bush or stake.

4. If your shot may have gone out of bounds or may be lost, hit a provisional ball from where the shot was played.

5. If golf cars are not allowed on the fairways, take two or three clubs with you when walking to the ball.

6. Walk briskly between shots and know when it is your turn to hit.

7. When you are on the green, park your golf car or pull cart between the green and the next tee.

8. Leave the green immediately when done putting and mark your scorecard on the next tee.

9. The player closest to the hole should attend the flagstick or pull it out and lay it out of the line of all putts.  The first one to finish putting should replace the flagstick after the group has finished putting.

10. Pace yourself by focusing on where you are in relation the group ahead of you rather than the group behind you.  If you lose pace, let the group behind you play through.